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Hello and welcome to my treasure hunting Web site. I have enjoyed metal detecting on and off since 1982. Please take look around my site, I have some tips, information on local places to detect as well as a bit of local lore about South West Florida.

My first real detector (back in 1982) was a White’s Coinmaster TR, it had one knob and no discrimination but it whetted my appetite for metal detecting. Now almost 30 years later I still enjoy hitting the beach or park like I did back then, full of anticipation on what I will find next.

Metal detecting in florida.
Metal detecting in florida.

If you were a regular visitor to my old web site, I hope this updated website is an improvement! It should be, especially if you are accessing this site page from a phone or tablet. Please bear with me as I slowly get all the old articles/pages converted into the new format.

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